Our Marietta Team includes our Founding Executive Director and Founding Teacher. See below for their bios –

Kim Hawkins – Founding Executive Director

I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand. The application of this quote has been the guiding force of my educational journey for 20 years. Students always learn best when they are actively engaged in learning.

Our Team

Here at The Academy GA, our vision is to uphold the principles of this quote through our five pathways of learning that include: Marietta Team

1. Structured Literacy 

2. Interactive & Multi-Sensory 

3. Real-Life Application 

4. PBL 

5. Life-Coaching

As an educator, one of my passions over the last 10 years has been to provide students with the opportunity to experience learning through real-world application. Many times classroom experiences only include opportunities to memorize concepts that capitalize on a students’ short term memory. Marietta Team

Marietta Team

Through the use of Project Based Learning (PBL) I have been able to engage students in critical thinking, an integral part of learning that can sometimes be forgotten in a world of preparing to pass a test. In my PBL classrooms, students have experienced collaboration, communication, and had the opportunity to express their creativity. These experiences are not only skills that employers are looking for, but because the work is relevant to the student’s world, the knowledge is encoded into their long-term memory bank. As a bonus, PBL is fun and students enjoy it!

Marietta Team

Marietta Team

While PBL is the heart and soul of my existence as an educator, I realize students cannot be successful at PBL if they don’t have the core foundations in literacy and math. My realization that phonemic awareness and phonics needed to be taught explicitly, led me to acquire my certification with Orton-Gillingham, (OG), a structured literacy program similar to the S.P.I.R.E. Reading Program. As an OG instructor, I have used a variety of multi-sensory learning strategies to help all students. However, my students who struggled with phonics, fluency, and/or comprehension benefited most from the daily, explicit, multi-sensory teachings that OG provided. As a co-taught classroom teacher of students with a large range of academic struggles, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, I saw my OG efforts really boost student reading development. Marietta Team

I am confident that The Academy Way of teaching and learning will produce the successful academic achievement and success of our student population. I look forward to leading this charge. 

Sincerely, Marietta Team

Kim Hawkins 

Founding Executive Director MariettaTeam

Nicholas Watson – Amazing Founding Teacher

Marietta Team

Mr. Nick is part of The Academy GA founding staff and is excited to be at the school so he can optimize the GREATNESS of his students. Nick was born in Baltimore, Maryland and Graduated college from the amazing University of Maryland East Shore with his Bachelors Degree in Mathematics. He has been a teacher for 4 years for both regular and special education students and abolutely loves it! Nick is really excited to meet and teach each and every student that joins the school.

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