Reduce Your Tuition by using one or both of the strategies below.

Tax laws are specific to each state. So, you will want to contact your local accountant to inquire about your specific situation.

Strategy #1 – 529 PLAN

You may be able to pay Academy private school tuition using a 529 plan. This can be up to $10,000 per year. Your contribution to a 529 plan could be deductible in your state up to $8,000, so it applies to 2021 for joint filers. 


Is your child diagnosed with a special need and it is verified by a doctor? If this is the case, you can deduct in excess of 10% of your adjusted gross income. The 10% threshold is for medical expenses. So, any expenses in excess of this amount (which could be tuition and mileage) are considered deductible.

Reduce Your Tuition and Apply Now

The Academy Way is . . .

Progress Not Perfection

Every child enters their school journey at different points. So, they each have different experiences, resources and teachings that they bring with them. Our school recognizes and embraces this.

Real-Life Application

Everything our students learn at The Academy GA is applicable to real-life. So, we follow state learning standards and focus on information and skills that apply to real-life situations.

Reduce Your Tuition and Apply Now

Year-Round Calendar

We believe keeping kids engaged in learning every month throughout a calendar year is necessary for their long-term success.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Academy Way, The Academy GA, and our affiliates are committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment.

Reduce Your Tuition and Apply Now